Herman Miller Aeron Chairs

The Herman Miller Aeron is a chair that is health-positive, inclusively-sized, cross-performing, and environmentally sensitive. The designers, Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick wanted to design office chairs like the business world had never seen before. The Aeron Chair was a pioneering step in material innovation and ergonomics. So this inventive design is one that is comfortable without using cheap fabric, foam or leather. It has completely changed the perception of what an office chair should be like.

This chair has such a distinctive look. It’s probably the only ergonomics office chair that people can identify by name by just looking at it. Herman Miller Aeron chairs adapt to all the sizes and shapes, providing healthy comfort and a balanced body support. Comes in three specific sizes – A, B, and C. It has easy-to-use adjustment controls and will adjust to all the motions a person goes through in everyday work situations. It’s 94% recyclable. Aerons can have a tilt limiter, tilt tension, fully adjustable arms, forward tilt, seat height adjustable, non-upholstered arm pads, adjustable lumbar support, and can be full function.